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My name is Daniel, known under the nickname chylex, and I'm a software developer living in a small town in Czech republic.

Most of my projects are completely free and open-source. If you enjoy my work, please check out my social media and consider supporting the projects, whether it's by spreading the word or through donations. All support is appreciated!

To get in touch, the fastest way is via Twitter (Direct Messages are open to anyone) or via e-mail:

Skills & Experience

I started programming over 13 years ago, and never stopped learning and exploring new languages and technologies since. Since 2014, I have published and contributed to numerous open-source projects, which are listed in the projects section and also on my GitHub. These are a few technologies I have the most experience with:

Desktop applications using Windows Forms, .NET Core

Java, Kotlin, Gradle, Minecraft mods

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Apache

Experience with Git, Python, Inno Setup & more


You do not need to ask permission to monetize videos featuring games, mods, and programs on this website.